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Scholarship FAQ's

How many scholarships are offered by the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association (WREAA)?

The WREAA funds multiple scholarships and administers up to 5 scholarships each year including: 

One (1) $5000 Scholarship for The Dianne M. Orbison Memorial Real Estate Scholarship Award;The Stephen Malpezzi Tradition and Innovation Scholarship Award consisting of one (1) $5000 Scholarship Award; One (1) $5000 Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association Graduate Scholarship and up to Two (2) $2000 Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association Undergraduate Scholarships. The number of undergraduate scholarships awarded will depend on how many applications are received.

I am applying for scholarships through the UW-Madison Real Estate Program, is a separate application necessary for the WREAA scholarships?

Yes, application for these scholarships must be made directly through the WREAA, as the scholarships are not administered through the Real Estate Program.  The application process involves a review of each application by a select committee of real estate alumni and friends.  The applications and further information can be found at the scholarship page of the WREAA website.

I was awarded a scholarship from WREAA in the past, am I eligible to apply for WREAA scholarships this year?

Students who have received an award in prior years are not eligible to apply again for the same scholarship they were awarded but may apply for other scholarships offered by WREAA.

I am planning to apply to the real estate program for the fall of 2019. Am I eligible to apply for scholarships through WREAA?

Students must be accepted into the real estate program before applying for the scholarships offered by WREAA.  We welcome their application in the year following their acceptance.

Do I need to be a member of the WREAA prior to applying for these scholarships?

The Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association does offer a complimentary membership to students.  The application process is easy and it is highly recommended that students activate the membership.  Visit the membership page at the WREAA website and choose the student membership option.  Enter the information as prompted and submit the application. You will be notified once your application for membership has been approved by our office.  If you have questions or would like assistance with the membership application process, please contact Jane Miller at the WREAA office.

When is the application period?

Please see scholarship applications for deadlines.  Applications must be received by the WREAA Office by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline.  No late applications will be considered and no exceptions will be made.

The scholarship application asks for my “major GPA” and “overall GPA”. What is the difference?

The “major GPA” can be found by averaging the grades of all real estate core classes. The “overall GPA” is the average of all classes completed.

What are the benefits of earning a WREAA Scholarship?

A student who is selected as a WREAA Scholarship Recipient, not only benefits financially but also sets themselves apart when they include mention of this achievement on their resumes, thereby distinguishing themselves as a preferred candidate for internship opportunities and job prospects. WREAA members are employed throughout the real estate industry and recognize the initiative and excellence required to be awarded a WREAA scholarship.


If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please contact the WREAA office via email.

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