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Connection Fund

The Connection Fund was established in 1997 by

the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association to provide a permanent funding vehicle for student financial assistance and department support for the advancement of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Real Estate Program. The endowed fund is the beneficiary of donations made by alumni and friends of the Wisconsin Real Estate Program who are involved in business transactions with other Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni. Upon agreement between the alumni involved, arrangements are made for a contribution to the fund in the name of the "Wisconsin Deal.” The Fund is controlled in its entirety by the Connection Fund Committee and is invested in the University of Wisconsin Foundation to assure maximum growth potential of the principal.

In the Beginning
In 1997, the idea of formalizing a new way of "giving back" to the UW Real Estate Program was conceived through the familiar source of two of UW Madison's dedicated real estate alumni. When Duane Lund (MS 1989) and Tim Richey (MS 1983) completed a $200 million portfolio acquisition deal in Denver in the Fall of 1997, they agreed to make a donation in the name of that deal to the newly formed Connection Fund. 
Two important goals have been established within the fund. In addition to providing student support, funds are used to provide departmental support in the form of scholarships, faculty assistance, student field trips and new initiatives. Requests for funding from the Connection Fund are reviewed annually by the WREAA board of directors.
Each alumni transaction resulting in a donation to the fund is recognized in WREAA's newsletter and on the WREAA website. In addition, the alumni association presents an annual award during the Biennial Wisconsin Real Estate Conference recognizing the Connection Fund Deal of the Year. Connection Fund donors are known to enjoy a friendly spirited competition to receive this unique distinction.
Alumni are encouraged to consider commemorating "Wisconsin" transactions by making a donation to the fund. All contributions are tax deductible and should be made payable to the "UW Foundation."
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